Our Mission

To provide students worldwide with competency-based, multi‐modal, technology-enabled higher education that can empower them to achieve their professional goals.

Vision Statement

To emerge as a premier institution that provides affordable electronically delivered industry relevant degree programs that imparts a combination of domain skills, business acumen and entrepreneurial traits to students worldwide through industry participation and address differing student learning styles, needs, and preferences.

Our Objectives

The following are the long-term goals of the institution driven by the vision statement.

  • To prepare students to be successful professionals in their field of choice through industry exposure
  • To provide a high quality and cost-effective online degree program for students who desire an alternative to traditional institutions for a higher education
  • To adopt a competency-based education model that helps students build skills and abilities that are essential to becoming competent professionals
  • Continuously leverage evolving technology to ensure effective content delivery
  • Remain cost effective as progress is made at University of Pasadena
  • Focus on maintaining industry relevance both in curricula and delivery


  • Design and develop systems and solutions to solve real world problems in their respective field.
  • Take on significant management responsibilities within a short span of their career.
  • Use latest tools and technologies available in their respective field of choice to improve their execution.
  • Develop the ability to become a lifelong learner.
  • Start their career in a corporation that requires skills in their respective field, or become an entrepreneur.