Business Analytics and Intelligence


This course helps students understand what Business Analytics is and how the data gathered would help them study the past and current business performance and gain insight into what future performance would be. Students will also learn about various tools and software used in BA and how to use them. Only when there is data gathered and organized in a certain way a good analytics can be achieved and that is where Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence help in a big way. Students will learn about how to organize data using Data Warehousing and various tools and software used in creating them and identifying various dimensions on how to interpret date using Business Intelligence techniques. Apart from this, students will learn about the fundamentals of Data Mining and various data mining methods and how it can help in a business context.

Student Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to

  • Study the past and current data from a data warehouse and gain insight into what future performance would be using various Business Analytics techniques, tools and software
  • Help in setting up BI for a corporate environment
  • Analyze real time data using BI tools and use the results to make informed decisions
  • Understand the impacts of operational metrics on a business and determine the root causes
  • Utilize knowledge of data management and SQL, to develop a data warehouse
  • Develop proficiency in tools available for business analytics and business intelligence
  • Understand data mining and utilize it to detect sudden change in business patterns that might indicate change in market conditions, change in customer behavior or fraudulent activity