Engineering Drawing


Engineering drawing is the language of communication between engineering professionals involved in design and production. It is highly important for engineering professionals to be capable of producing engineering drawings at a professional level and be capable of reading and interpreting drawings and  engineering documentation produced by other professionals Therefore, it is the intent of this course to equip students with the fundamentals of this unique  language and to give them the skills necessary to prepare complete, concise, and accurate communications through engineering drawings.

Student Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to

  • Convert sketches to Engineering Drawings using appropriate rules and conventions
  • Read and interpret blue prints for manufacturing, orthographic projections, isometric drawing and section views.
  • Develop an understanding of 2D and 3D computer aided drafting with the requirements of good engineering drawings and be able to apply them to their work.
  • Proficiently use AutoCAD, a CAD software package used for producing engineering drawings.